Aircraft for Parts

Aircraft for Parts – As well as today’s flying machines are built to last, there comes a time when every aircraft has to be retired from active duty. While there are some parts of the plane that simply cannot ever be used again, there are many more which can still serve a purpose. This is becoming all the more essential, with an ever growing number of old airplanes simply being left to rot and creating a bit of an environmental mess. Rather than just disposing with the old and building from scratch, many of those older planes are now being dismantled and used for spare parts. If you’ve ever been to a “pick your parts” type salvage yard where you can get used parts for your car from old ones that have broken down, you probably have a sense of what we are talking about here.

 Aircraft for Parts

The parts used in aircraft are made to be a whole lot sturdier than those in cars, though. They have to be able to withstand being buffeted by the elements as they travel at high speeds, which means building them to the highest quality possible. While some of the dismantled parts will make their way into newer planes, many of them will actually

Serve a whole new purpose in their second life. One of the most common uses for old airplane parts is something that may come as a real surprise to many. The mighty birds that once tore up the sky are now commonly broken down and turned into really unique looking pieces of furniture.

Parts of an Aircraft

Aircraft for Parts

What makes these pieces so great is that they are still very much recognizable as airplane parts. The flying machine that served so well in the past still gets to serve a purpose after retirement, which is a great way to honor the work that they did when they were in service. Furniture isn’t the only use for dismantled aircraft, though, with some of the new uses being much larger in scale than a simple table or chair. Take a trip to Costa Verde in Costa Rica and you will have the chance to spend some time in an old Boeing 727. You won’t be flying, but rather staying in the hotel that has been constructed from the old aircraft.

We have become all too consumed with throwing out the old in favor of the new, but those flying antiques can still serve many great purposes. Furniture is now being made, home and hotels built, and modern art created using the dismantled parts of these once mighty airplanes. Sure, there are some folks out there who will look at such ideas as being a little crazy, but they have to take a minute to think about the alternative. There are a number of old airplane graveyards to be found the world over, where these lumbering beasts are now open to the elements and left to rot. It is an unhappy end for such magnificent machines, and one that really does not make Mother Nature very happy. Dismantling aircraft and using the parts for something else is not only smart, it’s great for the environment, too.

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C-130 Hercules – Lockheed Martin

C-130 Hercules

One of the most capable and incredible machines to ever take to the sky, the C-130 Hercules is truly and engineering marvel. One of the biggest things you’ve ever seen actually lifts off the ground and move through the air, there is a reason the C-130 Hercules has been called “A City in the Sky”. More than capable of transporting massive amounts of troops, equipment, tools, and needed supplies, the US Military would run and operate a lot differently without these aircraft in the air.

A four engine prop craft designed and built to be a versatile workhorse type machine for the military, Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin) perfect the aircraft called the C-130 Hercules. In the early 1950s the US military understood that the face and technology of warfare was changing, and that air superiority and the added tactical advantage of aircraft was mission critical to keeping our nation’s military supplied, safe, and able to succeed in any locale. Designed to be able to supply troops and equipment to even the worst and decrepit (not to mention hastily built) tactical runways in the world, the C-130 Hercules has one of the shortest runway requirements for takeoff and landing – absolutely amazing when you consider its massive size.

C-130 Hercules

The US military as a whole prides itself on being able to adapt and overcome any and all obstacle, and this is true for most of their equipment – and definitely so when talking about the C-130 Hercules. One of the more versatile and easily adaptable airframes found anywhere the world, the C-130 Hercules has been used and converted for transport of personnel and equipment, to airlift and treat casualties, to provide close air support for ground units, and so many other uses. In fact there are close to 40 different and distinct different variants of the C-130 Hercules in use around the world – a true testament to the solid design and conception of this amazing piece of equipment.

Amazingly – as well as partly due to the incredibly flexibility and adaptability that we just talked about – the C-130 Hercules is one of only 5 aircraft in the world to see continued use of 50 decades or longer. For over 50 years the C-130 Hercules has been an indispensable tool for the US military and her allies, and projects to be in use for many more years to come. The C-130 Hercules also holds the distinction of being the only military airframe in the world that has been in continuous production for 50 years with a single nation.

For these reasons and so many more the C-130 Hercules has come to be a true and enduring symbol of the American military and what some of her greatest engineers can accomplish. A fighting machine and so much more, the C-130 Hercules continues to serve this nation and so many others in a multitude of different tasks and missions – and handles all of them admirably and effectively. It’s hard to imagine what militaries around the world would look and operate like without access to this amazing aircraft.

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More information on the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom

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Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Suppliers (MRO)

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Suppliers (MRO)

Aircraft parts supplier can be measured as an ideal option when dealing with aircraft repairs and maintenance. You have to take note that there are a variety of brands readily obtainable in the aviation industry that can be regarded as a good option. All you have to do is to know which ones can provide you the best services. Considering the risks involved in aircrafts due to incorrect installation of parts, it is essential to purchase only genuine aircraft parts from a reliable supplier. The replica or counterfeit aircraft parts have the likelihood to fail at any given time, the reason for this is that they are developed from materials that are low in quality. The cost involved is also less compared to the original aircraft parts and equipment.

There are certain guidelines when choosing the best aircraft parts supplier. It is best to choose a reputable and reliable aircraft parts supplier that can provide a wide variety of parts that are both affordable and durable at the same time. Taking note of these guidelines will help in making the selection process a lot easier and faster.

You have to look out for various certifications present when it comes to the manufacturing of a particular aircraft parts brand. If it produces specifically based to certain standards and certifications, then you should choose it knowing that they are superior in quality. A reliable and reputable aircraft parts supplier will always supply you with aircraft parts that are perfect in fit as well as no longer requiring any kind of alterations or modifications.

It is also best to check for previous testimonials and comments from clients. In doing so, it can help in making the selection process fast and convenient. Additionally, it will also help in distinguishing how the aircraft parts brand satisfies the needs of customers. The delivery option should also be available since it will ease the buying process. A quality aircraft parts supplier will provide you with a warranty that will surely come in handy in case the product will face any problems or has defects. The manufacturer warranty can only be used when you have the bill and the purchase is done from an authorized or qualified store. In doing so, it will greatly help in the long run so that these aircraft parts are reliable and perform optimally for many years to come.

Choosing the right aircraft parts supplier proves to be very beneficial in the long run. Original aircraft parts will keep any aircraft in good condition as well as performing in its peak potential.

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The NCCParts advantage

New Century Components Distinct Advantages

In the military parlance any and all advantages are described as force multipliers – and while we as a company are not in the business of defending our country through combat, we have several distinct advantages that put us a cut above the rest in our industry.

Superior online NSN (national stock number) database and locating service

Our NSN database and locating service is one of the best in the industry. Not only are we able to find difficult to locate parts and products, we are also able to get mission critical intelligence on quantity available, estimated time of arrival, and other information that is vital to our clients. This proprietary NSN database gives us the leg up in speed and efficiency that we need to deliver the best experience possible for our clients and partners.

Source long purchase requests from contract manufactures

We are also able to process large purchase requests from clients and partners and then source them from contracted manufacturers. This gives our clients and partners the peace of mind knowing that even if we cannot locate an item through our NSN database we’ll still more than likely be able to fulfill the orders by leveraging our contacts in the contract manufacturing world.

Cross reference manufacture part numbers to national stock numbers

We’re also able to match up and cross reference manufacture part numbers to national stock numbers – a service that cuts out an incredible amount of wasted time and energy that can best be put to use getting you’re the products and parts that you need to complete your projects. Coupled with our quick turnaround time, wide reaching NSN database and ability to contract out manufacture of vital parts and products, this is an incredible advantage.

We work with freight forwarders on import and export duties

As an experience and established worldwide business with clients all over the globe, we understand the importance and intricacies of importing and exporting, and we have worked hard to establish partnerships that give us access to mission critical expertise and knowledge. We will work with you to make sure that any and all international shipments are handled delicately and conducted efficiently.

Over 10 million part database, with over 7 million web pages of reference information

With an incredible NSN database and reference material at our disposal, you are almost always assured of getting the right product and parts through NCC. One of the leaders in our industry, we are proud of our track record of being able to source even some of the most difficult parts and products as well as providing the kind of insight, expertise, and insider knowledge that you would expect for a company on the cutting edge. Working hard to keep ourselves on the front line of the industry, we are constantly adding to our source list and adding more and more relevant information to better assist all of our clients when making a purchasing decision of the magnitudes that they so often are.


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NCC Parts is an ITAR registered exporter

When you’re looking to source MILSPEC and other military controlled items and parts from the United States, the only way you’re going to be able to do so without circumventing the law is through an ITAR registered exporter. The ITAR certification and compliance lets you buy with confidence knowing that not only are your parts and equipment being sold in a completely legal fashion, but they are also legitimate, genuine articles.

The reason for ITAR (the International Traffic in Arms Regulation) is simple – it’s entire conception and enforcement is to keep important technology, parts, equipment and weapons out of the wrong hands. The last thing the US Government would want is for anyone to pass along their proprietary weapons, equipment, and technology to a foreign entity not aligned with our own goals, and the ITAR licenses and agreements create an effective system of checks and balances that the US Government and exporting companies both agree to enter into.

With an ITAR registered company, you know you’re doing business with someone who has voluntarily entered into this agreement. They understand completely that they are not to sell any and all weapons, equipment and technology without first filing with the State Department to verify that there will be no compromises of national defense. This is a pretty rapid process, consider the levels and checks that must be taken into account, and so long as you are a friendly entity there should be absolutely no problem.

If there wasn’t a system set up like the ITAR, the US could see its very valuable weapons platforms and technological advantages being sold out to countries hostile to our nation. For instance, we have developed some of the world’s best all weather fighting tools in night vision and GPS – no other nation in the world has the levels of sophisticated technology that we do. We are able to conduct military operations in conditions that other nations simply cannot, and this is an incredible advantage when it comes to war fighting and defense. Also think about the stealth technology that we use with our fleet of airplanes – selling that kind of technology to just anyone would be counterproductive to our national defense.

The ITAR system helps streamline the process of buying and selling military or MILSPEC equipment and technologies, and is a reality of doing business in our modern times. Allied nations of the US will be able to be “fast tracked” in the ITAR process, but even some technologies cannot be released. All of our sales will go through the ITAR process, and we abide by all ITAR rulings. All sales to non-US persons will need to go through the ITAR process – and a non-US person is not dependent solely on US Citizenship. If you are a temporary legal resident, people who have applied for citizenship, lawful permanent residents, US citizens and nationals, as well as some US organizations you may still fall under the non-US person designation in ITAR.

NCC Parts is an ITAR registered exporter


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1670-00-725-1437, FE12687C240, FE11003C240, FDC1040M1, TIE DOWN, CARGO

Request a Quote for this Tie Down, Cargo, Aircraft

1670-00-725-1437, FE12687C240, FE11003C240, FDC1040M1

Cargo tie down for Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion.

The Sikorsky Sea Stallion was introduced in 1966 for the United States Marine Corps for heavy lift cargo. It is now used by the United States Army, German Army, and the Israeli Air Force.


Weapon System: HELICOPTER, CH-53 D/E


Part Numbers























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Fast and Effective Ways to Search for Aircraft Parts

In the aircraft industry, aircraft maintenance is just a normal part of everyday life. Those who have been in the business for many years usually already know how to locate aircraft parts for maintenance and repair facilities. They can easily get their hands on every fastener, screw, bolt, and rivet ever known to aviation. Yet, send a newbie out to request for quote with a list that reads MS27576C4-, NAS1101E06-, NAS6607-, NAS1109-, MS9487-, and so on and they might be in for a very hard time. To buy aircraft parts is a job unto itself. That aircraft is not going to get off the ground without the missing screw fasteners and castle nuts! There has to be a method to make getting all the right components easier. These methods are well-known to any NSN parts procurement manager, but these are not the only ones that every have to do a stock number search. Here are the various methods of locating aircraft hardware so that those panel inserts, bearings, and AN fasteners can be located easier.

Aircraft parts, such as MS9504-, NAS1031-, NAS1703-, NAS1709-, NAS1735-, NAS1919-,  can be found quite simply by doing a national stock number search. If you find yourself asking, ‘what is a national stock number?’, then you are probably glad you found this article. Many suppliers of military aircraft parts and parts for aircraft maintenance in general list their parts in the catalogs and on their website by the national stock number. That number is just an easy way of making sure you have the right part. Aircraft parts cannot simply be picked out by their pictures or descriptions because many of them seem very similar.  A national stock number search pulls up the exact need part by its national stock number. A search like this can easily be done online. However, it is important to make sure all of the digits are correct when ordering, or you might end up with a machine screw instead of a clevis pin. Whenever you do an NSN search, make sure that you copy the number down right.

Not all aircraft parts require a NSN search in order to be located. Many places that have to order aircraft engine parts frequently usually have a few catalogs around. In these catalogs the parts can be located first by category and then by description. In them you are not likely to see a listing for pop rivets in with the aircraft bolts, so it is easy not to get the parts confused. Many of these catalogs also display the national stock number of the aircraft parts just so that users can make sure they have the right one. These catalogs can contain just about every item needed to get an aircraft back up to military standards. This includes items such as federal supply class, circuit cards, transformers, special fasteners, shaft seal, and even ground support equipment. Some people like to search through the catalogs for military aircraft parts just because they are able to find additional helpful items.

If locating aircraft supply is still a challenge to you there are professional aircraft parts search services that can do the locating for you. Just contact them and tell them the parts you are looking for and they get to work having the items shipped directly to you. Rather you need a new end shaft or a whole engine transmission  they can find what you need really fast. These specialized experts can get you all the connectors, spring pin fasteners, and stainless steel cables you need to complete the job. Instead of you spending hours starting at a national stock number trying to figure out what to do next, you can let these experts handle the job while you get other things done. They are a great resource for who work in avionics assemblies and aircraft maintenance because they save them time and headache. They know the difference between an AN bolt and a stud bolt so they can get you just what you need.

While just owning an aircraft might mean the occasional need to locate aircraft parts, there is no need for it to be a complicated process. Those who have not had practice in picking out what they need from a valves catalog or doing a NSN search might get intimidated at the idea but it is really not a hard thing to do. If you have a need for aircraft supply, try out some of the methods presented in this article and see which ones work best for you.

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Aerospace Terminology – Aviation Terminology

Here is a list of common aerospace terminology that is used everyday in the aviation industry.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacture refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. Manufactures products or components that are then purchased by a company or an individual. (ex. Boeing, Cessna, DRS, Gulfstream, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Northup Grumman, Raytheon, etc)

Distributor – A person, firm, etc., Engaged in the general distribution or marketing of some products or product lines, warehouses the items, and then resells them to retailers or direct to the end users or customers.

Broker – An individual or firm that arranges a sale between a buyer and a seller. When the deal is completed, the individual or firm receives a commission, or a small margin of the transaction. Brokers are known for having extensive information on the specific market condition their established in.

Maintenance and Repair Facility – Known as an MRO in the aviation industry. Companies that work to keep something in proper condition, or repair an item back to working condition. MRO’s are typically broken up into categories of work they perform. Avionics, Engines, Gears, Structural, etc.

Contract Manufacturer – An organization that manufacturers products under contract for another individual or firm. They will create a bid to the end user, and if the contract is won, the production would begin. They typically cater to the OEM’s, and Military Organizations.

End User – Refers to the ultimate (end user) operator of an item. (ex. Airbus, Boeing, or a military organization)

8130-3 Tag – Is an Airworthiness Approval Tag for products or parts that are released from an FAA Approved Holder. This is typically an authorized Part 145 Repair Station.

C of C (Certificate of Conformance) – This is to certify that the part meets the minimum set of regulatory, technical, and safety requirements that have been imposed by the manufacture / designer of the items. The issuing authority of the COC should be certified by an International Organization for Standardization company. Better known as a ISO Standard.


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Getting the Right Aircraft Parts

Getting the Right Aircraft Parts the First Time

When you are looking for certain aircraft fittings, it is important to keep in mind that you should not only be looking for the best price, but also the best service. NCC Parts offers the best of both worlds by having some of the lowest prices around, as well as having a great customer service department.

Picking out the right aircraft part begins with finding the aircraft part number assigned to pretty much every single little piece that an airplane is made up of. When you find this number, it becomes quite a bit easier to deal with suppliers and manufacturers. With the number in hand, you can go online and do a quick search to see who suppliers might be carrying that particular part.

The price you pay for the part may vary quite a bit depending on where you buy it from, whether it is a dealer with a brick and mortar business, or an online supplier. Generally, if you have an aircraft part supplier nearby, you will end up saving money on the shipping, and you pretty much guarantee that there won’t be a problem with your order, such as a different part being shipped instead of the one that you want. With brick and mortar suppliers, you are going to usually pay more since they have a lot more overhead than online suppliers.

If you are looking to buy aircraft parts, it is highly recommended that you do take a close look at online aircraft part retailers, since sometimes they can be attached to brick and mortar stores, giving you the convenience of online shopping, coupled with the knowledgeable sales staff and experience which a physical store provides.

It is important that you are able to get the phone number of the website you are going to be purchasing from if you plan on making an order over a couple of hundred dollars. Aircraft part suppliers are sometimes dealing with thousands of people per week, all trying to order different parts for different aircraft. These parts can run from Aircraft Rivets to board level electronics, and the people behind the website have to make sure that every order is filled the right way and sent out as soon as possible. If something were to go wrong with your order, either by getting the wrong part, getting billed wrong, or never receiving your item, the phone number will come in handy much more than an email address would.

When you find a supplier who can handle the orders that you give them in a timely manner, it’s usually a good idea to stick with them. Knowing that you can count on them to deliver your parts when you need them is a good feeling, especially if you have tried other suppliers in the past who haven’t done the job quite as well. Suppliers who you buy from frequently may also opt to give you a discount after you make a few orders so that they keep your business, and show you that they really do appreciate you coming to them for what you need.


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New Century Components carries Nose Landing Gear Parts

New Century Components carries Main Landing Gear Parts.

A recent Main Landing Gear that was brought in was for the Bombardier CRJ200 corporate Jet.

Check out the video of some of the parts.


Search for more Main Landing Gear Parts at our website,

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